1.Investment budget and Design life

                                    Generally,the investment and life will be direct ratio. So we have to consider how to balance our investment and service life.

                                    2.Schedule and Plan
                                    Different proposal has different schedule and plan,so we have to think about it carefully.

                                    The repair and maintenance is inevitable. We have to consider the difficulty of repair and Maintenance.

                                    4.Environment for using
                                    The loading,frequency,and the weight of equipment.

                                    5.Mechanical Impact
                                    There will be impaction when in use ,this is also the main reason for the floor’s broken.

                                    6.Temperature changing
                                    All material have the different temperature resistant. Also material will be expansion or shrinkage because of the temperature changing.

                                    7.Local Loading
                                    If there is local part (or point)should be taken very high loading,this part(or point)should be
                                    design individually to make sure it is safe.

                                    8.Chemical resistance
                                    If there are many chemical medium which will affect the substrate,the proposal should be chosen according to the kind,concentration of this chemical medium and the temperature,duration.This will make sure our proposal is suitable for this kind of chemical circumstance.

                                    Pharmaceutical,food and electronic have high demand to the dust ratio in the air. So this will demand our floor has the function of dust-free.

                                    Especially to the food plant,it has high demand to hygiene and food safety

                                    11.Penetration resistance
                                    If there always has water,solvent liquid,oil,steam or acid fog,we have to fully consider the speciality of these medium.

                                    12.Fire resistance
                                    This ability can prevent the fire from spreading.

                                    In the electronic or related EPA area,easy-firing and easy-explosion area,the floor is demanded to have the ability of anti-static to make sure this area safe.

                                    14.Crack bridging
                                    There will be cracks because of expansion,shrinkage,shaking and other movement of the substrate,But in the cleaning room,chemical area,crack is prohibited,So we have to treat it carefully.

                                    Many flooring material has volatile solvent and irritative smelling,some is bad for environment and body. So we have to consider these factors,Especially for the repair and retreated substrate,Waterborne polyurethane mortar series Palaim is almost odor-free.

                                    16.Using frequency
                                    The frequency(especially the high loading)is an important point for proposal chosen. This can be considered with investment and service life.

                                    17.Hardness and Flexibility
                                    According to our Palaim,we have not only high hardness,bus also very good flexibility material. By the order of design it can be reach the best effection.

                                    The color in very important for the flooring,The Palaim color can be made according to the international color system.

                                    19.Weather resistant
                                    Epoxy and PU material don’t have good weather resistant.There will be color changing when under the ultraviolet radiation,Epoxy and PU material is good for indoors, If the area is outdoor,please choose the material which has the good ability of weather resistant.

                                    General flooring,such as concrete,there will be noisy when people walk on it.So we have to choose some flexible material for which demand quiet circumstance, of course the compressive strength is low and not suitable for the high loading.

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