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                                    Please let us know your requirements by email. We will forward your query as quickly as possible to the responsible Palaim Industries section and will do our best to respond promptly.

                                    If you send an email to us,you MUST agree with PALAIM User Agreements. The data supplied voluntarily by you will be stored and processed by Palaim using IT systems.Palaim will only use your data to reply to your request. We will save your personal data only as long as necessary to answer your question. Your personal data might be passed on to affiliated companies or third parties. 

                                    Contact by telephone

                                    Your questions and comments

                                    For inquiries to Palaim you may contact us also via
                                    Telephone: 001303 9678 1001
                                    Telefax: 001303 9678 1002

                                    Asia Pacific
                                    Telephone: 00852 62370299 
                                    Fax:00852 62370299

                                    Tel : 86-27-5976 1898
                                    Fax:  86-27-5976 1898

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